About us

KARINCA TEKSTIL was founded in 1974 by Hikmet Altınöz in Istanbul/Sultanhamam. KARINCA TEKSTIL, which has operated in the Osmanbey market since 1994 was incorporated in 2000. In 2011, KARINCA TEKSTIL started the establishment process in Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone with a dye plant investment with its collaborator. In 2017, KARINCA TEKSTIL had an integrated production line with Weaving and Yarn preparation investment. It produces Pes-Vis-Ea mixed fabrics for clothing on 17.000 square meters of production area in a total area of 28.000 square meters.

Who we are

As Karınca Tekstil, we offer our customers high quality, innovative and different products with 45 years of experience. We aim to meet the expectations of our with a wide range of products by providing the right quality-price ratio.
In Adana Organized Industrial Zone, we provide service with a total production area of 28.000 square meters, where we have Yarn Twisting, Warp and Weft Preparation, Weaving, Dyehouse, and Pattern Design departments.
We export to more than 24 countries with an average monthly fabric production of 500,000 meters. Some of the countries we export to; Russia, Italy, Bulgaria, Belarus, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and so on.